Remote Facility Management

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Remote Energy Manangement

Remote Energy Management

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has released an online energy management system, Remote Energy Management (REM), designed to provide facilities and building managers with a simple, cost-effective, web-based tool to monitor, measure and reduce energy consumption across multiple sites around the world. REM can be integrated into a building’s existing or new energy meters and is designed to identify where corrective actions might be taken to reduce energy and carbon emissions and decrease costs. The system uses simple metering technology to achieve savings through the correction of power inefficiencies, as well as identifying the best rates available from energy providers in the region. Real-time data is uploaded to a centrally hosted online portal for building and facilities managers to access any time, from anywhere in the world (Schneider_electric, 2012) [1] Schneider Electric, also have a building management system called TAC Vista that allows you to monitor and control heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, access control and other security features across one or more facilities.


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