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Barclays New Bank of the Future

Barclays Bank using Microsoft’s Surface technology

Barclays bank has opened a cutting-edge branch in Piccadilly Circus - London, demonstrating how technology is changing the way the bank can serve customers. Alongside other advances, the bank is piloting Microsoft’s Surface technology, which enables users to interaction with digital content through natural hand gestures and touch. Consider getting a better view of your bank statements by sliding the “pages” around the screen with your fingers. Or enlarging a picture of a digital brochure by moving your index fingers apart. In other words, working intuitively with familiar objects, much as you would at your desk.

Barclays Bank Interactive Video Wall

At its centrepiece, the branch features an evolving video wall installation designed to graphically represent London life using content from blogs and customer interests whilst personal consoles will enable people to contribute to the installation and explore relevant information from listings magazine Time Out.Outside of opening hours, the front of the branch will be transformed into the 'Night Life' screen. This installation picks up the image of passers-by using face recognition technology and cameras and creates moving silhouettes on the screen together with thought bubbles containing random messages (Barclays, 2012). [1]


The Virtual personal Stylist

The Virtual personal Stylist

The ng Connect Program is hoping to change the face of retail with 4G, digital signage, telepresence and a host of other technologies. The new solution concept showcases an enriched retail experience made possible by emerging technologies in 3D telepresence, cloud computing and ultra-high bandwidth connectivity. The concept illustrates how retailers can create new business models by offering new and compelling shopping experiences for consumers. With the Virtual Personal Stylist, consumers can create a personal presence or 'avatar' with which to visualize themselves in the latest fashions and beauty products. The Virtual Personal Stylist demonstrates how retailers could deploy the solution to support seamless in-store and online shopping experiences. Using a tablet or mobile phone, shoppers in stores will be able to access their avatar via a full-size networked "mirror" where they can "try-on" clothes, make-up and more without time-consuming trips to the changing room. The three-dimensional visualization technology which allows customers to appear life-size on the mirror in selected clothing, do not require any 3D glasses. Also using the Virtual Personal Stylist, customers can talk directly to a fashion consultant through the TelePresence Tech live communication systems achieving eye contact for a personal connection (TelepresenceOptions, 2012). [2]


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