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3-D High Definition Kiosk

TelePresence Tech: 3-D HD Kiosk

TelePresence Tech has launched a new form of business communication with their 3-D HD Kiosk. Whereas video conferencing and telepresence systems are primarily used for distance communication between businesses, the 3-D HD Kiosks are dedicated to communication between businesses and customers. These are not video monitors displaying flat images in a kiosk. The 3-D HD Kiosks add true depth to the imagery for a three dimensional visual experience. Most importantly, this patented technology delivers striking clarity and high definition without the use of 3D glasses. For the first time the digital signage market has a format for three dimensional displays for the public that are practical and cost effective.

Furthermore, these 3-D HD Kiosks can incorporate live communication between a customer sales representative and a customer. The representative can appear life-size in a three dimensional setting with eye contact. This human centric technology extends the reach of companies to interact with their customers in a revolutionary way. The 3-D HD kiosks can be compact units placed on a counter, free standing kiosks or large three dimensional systems featuring full height, life-size people (TelePresence Tech, 2012)[1].


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